New Beginnings



Gratefulness is the most important practice that I do in my life. It goes deeper then, "Count your Blessings" it's connecting all that is in my life. I start with gratitude even when I don't like what is happening in front of me. The reason for this is be in the solution of all things, acceptance of what is and be grateful for what is not. Recently I tore my ligament in my hip while hiking with my son, we were racing drown a mountain and I thought I could take a short cut to catch up with him and leaped of a large bolder and soon as I landed, I knew it was really damaged. My first thought after getting upset and my competitive nature, I became grateful it wasn't worse, It was't broke, I still had a hip and legs. I have been in a wheelchair and with a cane for 5 months now and I realized I am not one to sit still. My creative brain can't be held back. Even though it's been a challenging I have never been more happy, more productive and more grateful in my life.

My mantra for today is Be GRATEFUL for what ever comes my way today.