It's nice to get got!


It’s nice to get got!

Everyone wants to be understood. To be seen. To be heard. To matter. With my art I feel the same way, most people get me and my message and feel connected to a certain piece that they know belongs to them. It’s a wonderful feeling as an artist to put all the love and passion into a piece of creation and have someone receive it completely!

This reminds me of a story that happened recently. I was dropping off some art at one of my galleries and there was a man in the process of buying one of my large pieces. The Gallery owner says, “You are in luck, the artist is right here and you can meet her.” I said hello and shook his hand and the first thing he says to me is, “convince me to buy your piece,” as he’s holding his credit card in his hand tapping it on the counter. My thought was, he must want to hear about the back story of the piece or the process of how it’s made or of my philosophy of my work. So I begin telling him about what the piece represents. He immediately says, “I don’t care all about that stuff.” Right then I noticed he had some fabric in his other hand. Trying to come from peace and love, I ask him what drew you to my piece? He replied, “well at first I saw it in the window and I thought it look good, so I came in to see it closer. I really liked it and I’ve been back here three times not sure if it’s right for me.” I asked him if he would like to know the process of how it’s made, he cut me off and said, “I really don’t care about how it’s made, I’m more worried about it matching my furniture.” I took a sacred pause, something said like that made me immediately realize my work was not meant for him. I told him that people that buy my work feel connected to it in a way that they need to have it as if it was made for them, these people are in love. The deeper meaning behind the work is the gift that they will always feel every time they look at it. It may remind them to breathe, stay in this moment or to be filled with an enormous amount of gratitude. So I said to him, maybe this piece is not meant for you? He looks at me in shock and rolls his eyes and he puts his credit card back into his wallet. My heart cheered inside because he wasn’t meant for this piece Titled Gratefully Connected, it was a piece I worked on for 6 months, poring all me love and gratitude into it. I knew the person meant for it was going to find their way to it in their own time. The gallery owner looked at me and smiled, she said, “even though I wanted to sell this, I know it will sell so I’m not worried about it.”

Just two weeks later, I was able to meet this amazing couple that was getting married and just feel in love with that piece. As I told them about the piece they had tears in their eyes. It was such a moving experience and I will always remember that magical moment. It’s so nice to get got! In life, I will never try to convince someone to get me, nor will I placate to someone looking for someone else. No reason to pretend or act for anyone. So when you do have that relationship, where you are seen, understood and accepted for exactly how you are, that is something to be gratefully connected!