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Meditation Circles represent our spiritual journey to becoming enlightened. The center represents ourselves as we are born, pure of love and light. Each layer around the center represents life's effect on our souls then after many layers we find we have lost who we are. This is where we awaken to the knowledge that we have to seek a higher self, we work hard to work through all these layers to find who we truly are. Once we capture our own oneness we become enlightened to how our energy effects the world around us. Now the layers represent our energy beaming into the Universe and we are truly enlightened.

I often have an overwhelming feeling come over me when I connect with someone. This is what I hear in my head, "This is why I'm here... Connecting with people, hearing their story, feeling there struggles and worries, just listening, being present is why I'm here. Often we are all searching for our big LIFE PURPOSE, it is in these small moments and kindness that we move mountains.